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Published on 11 August 2009  | Download | back to previous

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This is a partial list of scripts, ideas, convertable material.  I'm still compiling it.  I have tons of stuff - that's what happens when you get old.  I have hard copies of scripts written before I got a computer.  In those days you had to be able to speak Fortran4 and your computer was the size of a barn.  So, if you're looking for anything, talk to me.  You wouldn't believe what I have lurking in the attic.  Even I don't believe what I've got lurking in the attic.  Pink hipster cords?  Surely not.

Planning Meeting (short)  Optioned until 2011.  A man's life is saved by someone who can plan the future.

Waning Moon (and that's the way it's always been)  (short).  A ghost comes to tell us that we're still living in the dark ages.

When the Hurly-burly's Done (feature length).  When living people ar turning to dust all over the wotld, you'd better hope that the investigative team knows what it's doing.

Dodo Dolores - A childrens' play about a gang of generally-accepted-to-be-extinct animals who are trying to save their last refuge.

After Thermopylae

The Lodgers What Mrs. God Got.


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